Just Him - Just Me!

Just Him - Just Me

Dave Cornwall

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Ready for some alone time with the great Alpha and Omega? The creator of all things? Just Him - Just Me is a wonderful new friend for that journey! It's for that time that we all could really use to re-connect, reflect, and renew!

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For most people, those moments are so special because they're unfortunately so rare.  Those truly special times when we can actually feel that we're personally connected to the Creator of all things.

Sometimes found in the stillness of nature is that very connection.  Sometimes however, the feeling of that treasured relationship can indeed emerge from music, very special music that is in fact presented for that very purpose.

Just Him - Just Me is in fact God's new music for our every day.  Light yet also powerful music carrying both the messages and the power to invigorate, inspire, and renew.

Is it true?  We are what we "eat?"  Certainly, we know that is true of the body.  Unquestionably, it is also true of the mind and the soul!  Accordingly, Just Him - Just Me is an all new and quite valuable spiritual "well" of inspiration, faith, and strength for the world in which we all live today!  This is God's new music for our every day!  But, truly, you have to try it and see!  See how it makes your morning better.  Your drive time.  Your time exercising or unwinding at the end of a tiring day.  This is light, and also powerful music, of our timeless Christian messages.  Solo instrumental music with the real and daily power for believers to invigorate, inspire, and renew!

About the Artist... Dave Cornwall is a new, solo jazz pianist breaking onto the jazz scene by way of Philadelphia.  Known mainly as an accomplished solo performer, he is both sought after and appreciated throughout the Delaware Valley for his tasteful voicings, engaging arrangements, and for live performances that truly connect with audiences by setting the perfect mood in ways that invigorate, inspire, and renew.  Click  here for Dave Cornwall's full bio.  For Dave's booking site,  click here!

Through internet radio, Dave Cornwall's light and relaxing music has many, many fans and followers from South America,  Europe, Asia, Australia, parts of Africa, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Serbia, and.... through out the continental United States. 

Check a track or two through sample tracks above or YouTube link below!.  If you like what you hear, you're definitely not alone!  Dave Cornwall's music has been reviewed and accepted nationwide through major retailers that include Fye Records, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and others.  Free streaming on YouTube so be sure to become a subscriber!  Also, know any friends who might need a little peace and relaxation?  Facebook  is great for that and the album has it's own links...see below!


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