...Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.                                                                                                                                                                            Matthew 25:40

Today, Where Does One Go To Find "The Least of My Brethren?"  Well, you could certainly try a senior home or a specialty unit caring for those afflicted with dementia!  Not every place is the same, but in too many try to imagine an existence where good intentions abound, however, the ravages of failing health, confusion, loneliness, abandonment, extreme boredom, and the realities of an "institutionalized" life weigh quite heavily.  Issues of inadequate staffing, neglect, and even serious elder abuse often abound.  Lastly, and as a nightmarish surprise to some, these deplorable conditions also extend to even the more "presentable" assisted living facilities.  And, not just an American problem.  Canada has its problems too...

Let's Do Something!  And, Let's Make It Something That Matters!

There Is Something Very Powerful For The  Elderly and Those Ravaged By Dementia!

Let's End the Loneliness and the Depression Now!

Seniors Are Uniquely Comforted By The Early Days...Memories of Faith, Security and Hope

Seniors Are Uniquely Comforted By The Early Days...Memories of Faith, Security and Hope

The Plain Facts Are These...

67,000+ Senior Facilities Exist in the U.S. Across All 50 States; This Figure Includes All the Types of Long Term Care Facilities, i.e. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, and Hospice Care

The 67,000 Facilities Are Currently Attempting To Serve About 9,000,000 Souls in the Time That They Have Remaining on Earth.  A Shocking Percentage of the 9 Million Seniors Living in Facilities Receive Very Few Personal Visits, If Any

If Even Imaginable, Most of the 9 Million Seniors Have More "Screen Time" Than The Average American Teenager; The Television Is Their "Default" Activity, Companion, and Keeper

While Seniors With Various Types of Dementia Often Can Not Remember The Recent Past And Can Have Emotional Issues Related To This, They Quite Often Can Vividly Remember The Distant Past, Most Especially, Music From Childhood and Those Happier Times

Even Seniors Who Have Lost Their Speaking Ability, Ability to Socialize, Their Personal Mobility And The Control Of Their Bodily Functions, Can Be Moved By Music Including, Music That Ties Back To Their Beliefs in God, And His Promises of Peace, Hope, Companionship and Salvation.

Sadly, in Today's "Happy Holidays" Culture, Many Facilities DO NOT Even Attempt to Regularly Address the Spiritual Nature and the Related Needs of Their Residents.  Not Acknowledging Spiritual Needs For Connection, Does Not Make Them Go Away.  Rather, It Creates A Literal Vacuum of Desolation...

Dave Cornwall

Dave Cornwall

"It seems that most facilities unfortunately will not budget or pay for any type of spiritual activity or religious observance.  You can get about  all the bingo, arts and crafts, and TV that  you want but, if you either need or want to do something deeper, hopefully, you have someone to sign you out.  Also, somewhat strangely if I may say, most churches in a community will choose NOT to be a shepherd of almost any kind to these elderly lambs who are certainly in great need, and most deserving of, pastoral care in their final days."

In short, this is why I've created the We Are The Branches Program to reach America's beloved senior citizens.

The "We Are The Branches....He Is the Vine" Program

In addition to praying for our institutionalized elderly, I hope you'll join me in trying to actually reach each and every one.  While it is certainly nice to render aid to those in far away places, it is also appropriate to remember the needs that we have right here at home....the needs of "our" parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and people who did their best to shape the very communities and organizations with which we all grew up. 

We Are The Branches...He Is the Vine is a national level program aimed at providing enriching, faith-based and enjoyable Sunday programs to seniors across the United States.  Through donations from earthly "angels" like you, we aim to work through facility management, activity directors, directors of nursing, etc. to offer brand new, no cost resources for comforting and also inspiring faith-based options....everywhere. 

With your generous help, budget will no longer be a barrier for facilities!   Not surprisingly, many, many "on the floor" staff people are quite aware of the spiritual needs of their residents.  All of these people will welcome these new resources AND make a place for them in their weekly schedules.  Best of all, everywhere, and I mean everywhere, there are people who literally do cry at the joy of hearing their favorite hymn after oftentimes many years.  Traditional hymns, with inspirational and all original arrangements, are the nursing home patients' "air freshener for the soul!"

The old, traditional hymns....they're truly like dear old friends to the elderly.  They greet them with smiles, joy, love, and that deep sense of inner peace that comes from only higher connections.  If you're not aware, here's what beloved music can do for even those perhaps the most impaired.

Inspirational Music Is The Key!

With your help, we will share our inspirational and uplifting music to all types of senior facilities across the United States.  Beyond simply sharing, however, we will work to put comforting, and uplifting faith-based programs on the weekly schedules of all types senior residences where none exist today.

What we're proposing will "take up the slack" created by the busy schedules of local churches and people of faith in the communities of these seniors.  Our inspiring and flexible programs will also address all the logistical issues of contacting facilities and providing them with our resources via whatever means works best for them...either regular mail or digital.

With your generous help, we will invigorate, inspire, renew and shine God's light into many, many places that are very much in need.

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