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And, add some sunshine!  Whether you're looking to add something new and fresh to your own music collection or perhaps, give a welcomed and distinctive gift to a dear friend or family member, there's indeed something here for you! 

Grand piano music arranged and performed to capture everything from "fun and playful," to "deeply relaxing."  From "light and airy" to "powerful and moving..."  

A favorite recording can certainly become like a familiar old friend.  That someone in particular who comes to mind just when you want to share a story, grab those car keys, or maybe, just sit quietly together when life hits back more than a little hard.  

So, here's some new friends that we hope you'll choose to play many times over and over.....  Some new friends to help let the day's light shine in!

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For The Faithful - At Christmas!

For The Faithful - At Christmas!

Debut Solo Piano Album

For the Faithful - At Christmas! is a light jazz-inspired and powerful collection of the timeless songs.  It is an album arranged and performed for those special people who both love and want to delve deeper into both the peace and power of what Christmas has been, and what Christmas truly is today! 

Perfect for that quiet Christmas Eve, Christmas Day dinner, or anytime after that holiday chill is in the air!

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