A Beginning . . .
From Yesterday to Today

New Friend Entertainment is the bridge from the lifelong entertainment experiences of Dave Cornwall to present day audiences all around the world.  In Philadelphia, through a simply named, self-titled venture, Dave launched "Dave Cornwall Jazz Piano" back in 1993 where he began playing his own mix of cocktail jazz piano. 

Experience and time really are the best teachers.  Moving very successfully into venues that included upscale weddings, high end hotels, private parties, fine dining establishments, and exclusive country clubs imparted Dave with valuable knowledge and sensibilities not only about what people liked to hear, but also, how they liked their music to be played....based on the occasion, the venue, the mood, and of course, individual tastes.  ...Never "just" background music...  Distinctive music and entertainment that intentionally engages...that inspires...that unexpectedly surprises, and "renews". 

In addition to the preceding clientele, New Friend Entertainment has also been given a sunny, warm welcome from all types of residential senior communities.  Entertaining seniors from all walks of life through  Dave Cornwall - Jazz Piano, we have done numerous engagements and count as happy clients many of the retirement, nursing and rehab facilities in the metro Trenton-Philadelphia areas.

Dave Cornwall . . .
My Story 

In a very small New England church, the organist ends her final hymn.  The clamor of the socializing begins as families and seniors begin making their way to relatives, friends, and warm, familiar conversation. 

As the peacefulness of the day almost subsides completely, an anxious spark within two very small brothers sends them straight away to the church's spinet piano where the friendly noises all around provide them with more than adequate "cover" for their somewhat theatrical re-creations of Mrs. Butler's powerful, gospel-influenced stylings.  Most of the people didn't complain too much, but boy, did we have a great time! 

Years later, I would add on to my treasured early "experience," studying both technique and performance with Professor Emeritus Henry Santos, a renowned concert pianist, music scholar, and historian.  Jazz theory and arranging would be learned from distinguished faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music, and later, by continuous, on-going exploration and self instruction. 

Today, the days of early fun with the piano have returned...not only through performance, but also, recording.  Have a look at my growing list of albums.  While my audiences have grown, one thing has and never will change....it's all about what people want to hear...what will invigorate and renew!

Dave Cornwall

Dave Cornwall

The Dave Cornwall Jazz Piano Web Page

The Dave Cornwall Jazz Piano Web Page

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