Very Quickly...The Plain Facts Are These

67,000+ senior facilities exist in the United States.  This figure includes all the various types of "Long Term Care" facilities, i.e. nursing homes, assisted living communities, rehabilitation centers, and also, hospice care.

The 67,000 facilities are currently attempting to serve about 9,000,000 souls for the time that they have remaining on Earth.  A shocking percentage of the 9 million seniors living in facilities receive very few personal visits, if any.

If even imaginable, most of the 9 million seniors have more screen time than the average American teenager; the television is their "default" activity, companion, friend, and keeper.  Sadly, when asked, "what are you watching?," most seniors don't know.  They've "glazed over" quite some time ago.  Put simply, as we all know already, television is simply not that interesting and it does not truly engage one's mind or spirit day after day after day.

While seniors with various types of Dementia often can not remember the recent past and often do have emotional issues related to this, seniors quite often can vividly remember the distant past, most especially, music from childhood and those "happier" times!

Even many of those seniors who have lost their speaking ability, ability to socialize, their personal mobility and even the control of their bodily functions, can still be moved deeply by music,   especially music that ties back to their core beliefs in God, and His promises of peace, hope, love, and salvation.

Sadly, in our "Happy Holidays" culture, today, many facilities do not even attempt to regularly address the spiritual nature and the related real needs of their residents.  Not acknowledging spiritual needs for connection, does not make those feelings and needs go away!  Rather, it intensifies them and creates a literal vacuum of desolation...


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