Dave Cornwall, Jazz Piano

The debut Album Interview

For The Faithful - At Christmas!

So...What About This Album?  For The Faithful - At Christmas!?

Who's Dave Cornwall?  What does his debut album sound like?  Who was it influenced by? 

All great questions!  The short answers are that some seem to find it reminiscent of Vince Guaraldi, the pianist and composer of much of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special sound track.  Some hear a Dave Brubeck influence...  Yet others hear some George Winston.  The truth of the matter is that  For the Faithful - At Christmas  is something unique!

For those that would ask, so why a Christmas  album?  Aren't there enough Christmas recordings?!  When asked about this, Dave smiles, and leans in.  In his own words, he shares quite a lot -

"Oscar Peterson recorded some really great music that he called, "Exclusively For My Friends."  These recordings seemed both personal, and very unique.  My album is very much like that based on what I've been told from those who have heard it.  Truly, some of the messages on my answering machine have just been amazing.  This album seems to have meaning for people in deep ways that are hard for me to put into words.  Quite honestly, I didn't expect these types of effusive reactions for people." 

"Friends had for a long time asked me to share my arrangements with them and this was a great way to do so.  Similarly, I felt like I wanted to give something tangible to families celebrating those special "family" Christmas, starting with my own three kids.  With the seemingly growing turmoil and terror in the world, the time to do this seemed to be now.  Including my very own rendition of Let There Be Peace on Earth seemed like a natural fit for a CD to play at Christmas." 

"As to why another Christmas album, well, some families, like mine, have just a very few truly special Christmas recordings that are really "must haves" for one or more parts of our own "tradition."  For many, however, solo piano and jazz piano have both endearing and emotional qualities that rise gently above the music in the mall, the radio in the car, and everything else that Charles Schultz's Linus might say is "just too commercial." 

"My hope is that  For the Faithful - At Christmas!  will add to people's true enjoyment and appreciation of Christmas in the ways that are certainly relaxing and fun, and maybe, even in ways that are also unexpectedly meaningful.   For those who want to appreciate a less commercial and maybe even more peaceful and quiet aspect of their Christmas celebration, I hope that  For the Faithful - At Christmas  will find a truly special place in their hearts, and on their shelves, maybe next to A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Santa Clause, or even, It's a Wonderful Life...true greats from three separate generations, yet also for each generation and most probably, generations to come. " 

"It's no less than amazing what music can do for the soul!  It is amazing what jazz piano can do for Christmas!"

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