Hello New Friend!   And Welcome!

You're probably here because you received the limited special edition of my album, For The Faithful - At Christmas through  God's Glory Box  What a great way for us to meet!

First, I do hope that you get a chance to  play the album for your friends and family this Christmas, and maybe even on Christmas eve!  Since this music was recorded especially for believers, I hope it might truly add something very special to your family's Christmas celebration this year, and maybe even also in the years to come.  If you like what you hear, you might consider picking up the full length version of  For The Faithful - At Christmas!...18 songs in total and an all new romantic Christmas cover!

While you're here, please take a few moments and have a look around!  What I think you'll find are some very unique and special keepsakes for those of us who very much love our Lord...  Some very inspirational treasures for those of us who understand that our faith is neither a secret to be kept nor something to be just put  "in a box" to be taken out only once a week or so!  

All new and spiritually powerful items for Christ's followers everywhere!  Meaningful and useful faith-based resources for individuals, families, churches, communities, and an all new initiative for our senior citizens hungry for God's presence across our fruited plain!

And, to answer the very fair question, why the name "New Friend Entertainment?"  Well, that's an easy one!  A friend gave me the idea...John 15:15.   Enjoy!  There's something  great and new here for everyone including free private Facebook groups for Christians, free steaming links, our  Store  that's loaded with great things for Christians, and, at least few places to connect, leave feedback and share with the world!

Dave Cornwall

Dave Cornwall


A Few All New, Uplifting, and Inspirational "Fortifiers" For Believers And Others Maybe Just Beginning Their Journey

Feed Your Faith          Glorify God          Help the Less Fortunate          Be A Disciple

-  W E B    P L A Y E R   A T   B O T T O M   O F   P A G E  -

Again Welcome! Sign Up So That We Can Stay In Touch With News About All Kinds of Interesting and Brand New Items of Faith! All Created Especially For Christians Celebrating the True Glory of Our Lord and Savior!

Here's A Few Tracks To Listen To While You're Here!  From Get Your Nog On!For The Faithful - At Christmas!  and,  Merry Christmas, America! 

To One And All, Merry Christmas!  Here's Hoping You And Everyone At Home Just Love Your New Special Edition Album....For The Faithful - At Christmas!

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So...What's Really Here For You? 

Maybe Quite A Bit! 

Inspirational and Uplifting Keepsakes To Nurture Daily Christian Living!

Announcing....For My Christian Home

Harnessing And Projecting The Power of God's Love For Our Daily Living...Every Day of The Week!

Comfort and Inspiration


Uplifting Every Day Music

Captivating Window Art

"Inside Home" Messages

"Outside Fun" Affirmations

Real Help For Churches

Aid For "The Least of Us"

Really, it's not hard to understand!  While the outside facades of most churches in America haven't changed over the past 50 or 100 or 150 years, our society that we Christians live in certainly has.  Survey after survey tells the world that church attendance nationally is down, in fact way down.  Those of us who do attend don't need a survey to tell us that!  In many, many cases we can easily and quite sadly see it for ourselves by simply looking around at all the empty places on Sunday morning. 

Simply put, the times are changing!  And they're changing in ways too numerous to detail here.  Overall however, the net effect of all that change is to have driven people from God or at least, His houses of worship.  Additionally, even for those of faith, the changing times and new "norms" have very much knowingly or unknowingly degraded both our homes and our lives at home.  And it's true, "home" is certainly where the heart is.  With 200+ channels, iphone "living," loss of face time and meaningful contact with family living under the same roof, and courtesy of the internet TV providers, open and free access to too many things that used to be kept "behind the counter," our lives overall as believers and disciples of Jesus are undeniably under increased pressure, if not outright attack. 

As individuals and parents we gain nothing by trying to deny these truths and the onslaught of negative messages and influences that we all are subjected to each day.  Today, quite simply, for most of us, a church service a week is no longer having the far reaching beneficial effects that it did in past decades.  And certainly while there are exceptions, for very many U.S. families, that's just the plain truth.  Sadly, the reality of greater societal pressure to separate us from our Heavenly Father is even more relevant for our Christian children trying their best to simply just follow the right path in today's world. 

But, fortunately, there is something that can be done to help with the Christian walk!  A way to move away from the passivity that has worn down so many fellow believers.  It is something new, for these challenging and trying times.  What is it?  Simple....fresh, new ways of making our precious homes more "Christian," i.e. more reflective of who we really are and who we strive to be.   The program is an easy new way of living and it's called  "For My Christian Home."  Quite simply, it is a "deliberate" faith-based way of equipping our homes to both encourage and aid our Christian walk.  Said another way,  For My Christian Home  is all it's all about helping to better meet the real daily needs that all of us have for Godly inspiration, affirmation, and reflection.  

Now is the time to strengthen and inspire ourselves and our families!  No, not in ways that are "over the top" or grandiose!  Just in ways that are inspiring and reflect the simple truths and promises that we know and cherish as believers.  The times are changing!  It's time for today's believers to really think about the true meaning of...their Christian homes!

* Interested in Seeing More of The Actual Pieces?  See The Full Line of Offerings At   For My Christian Home 

Get The Hymn Box - A Brand New Subscription Box!

The multi-album collection of the most treasured and powerful "classic" music of Christ's church. 

All original solo light jazz piano arrangements, presented in an inspirational, modern fashion for every day enjoyment!  Often compared to the sound of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack!   Altogether, eight (8) very special full length albums...sent by either USPS or via Email with artwork and download codes for your iphone or other digital device.  Cancel at anytime for full credit on unused portion, no questions asked. 

Powerful, every day music for your Christian life!

Click Here To See All The Hymn Box Albums!

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$95.60 Save 20.59%!

The multi-album, "all in one place" collection of the treasured and powerful "classic" music of Christ's church. All original solo light jazz piano arrangements, presented in an inspirational, modern fashion for every day enjoyment! Often compared to the sound of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack! Altogether, eight (8) very special full length albums...sent by USPS.

Cancel at anytime for full credit on unused portion, no questions asked.

Powerful, every day music for your Christian life!


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