Its Simple...Today's Churches Just Need A Certain Kind Of Help...
They Need More Leaders!

We'll Help Make Helping Your Church Easy!  And Maybe Even Fun!

-   W E B   P L A Y E R   A T   B O T T O M   O F   P A G E        C  L I C K  T O  S T A R T !    -










As Children, We Know That There's A Time
To Learn and A Time To Follow... 

As Adults, Be It Short or Long, There's Also A Time To Lead! 



People will come to this page via a lot of different routes and probably, that's how it was meant to be.  Whether your church has "a lot" or "a little," one thing is for certain - every church has ongoing expenses, consisting of financial needs that are both planned and those that are unplanned. 

To be completely upfront, our program isn't about addressing all the financial issues that a church may be facing.  But, quite simply, what we can do today is offer something very fresh and brand new that can help meet one or more specific financial needs, especially, if your church is willing to state those needs into "goals."  But, probably best of all, we'll help your church meet your goals in a fashion that is fun, donation-driven, constructively engaging for your members, and, almost completely "turn key," without any pressure or obligation on people. 

But the real question might be, so why are you on this page?  Well, you're quite probably here because someone sees in you both the desire and the potential ability to "step up" and make something happen...for God.  And maybe, just maybe, you see that in yourself.  Quite probably, you're the type of person who's just really not all that comfortable just being a "bystander" when

there are simple things that just need someone to "step up" and do them. Also, you're probably someone who loves the real idea of what a Christian church should truly be in today's world.   

But, what if you've never done anything like this before?  No worries!  There's plenty in the way of support and guidance in relation to a program that is truly very much "turn key."

So take that first step....what financial need does your church have and want to address, right now?  Let's just get it out in the open so that we can deal with it.  Ask your finance chair, treasurer, deacon, clergy person or whomever has this information if it's not well known already.  Next, let's get excited about the idea of meeting that need with God's help!  We won't solve the issues and challenges alone!  And, most likely, the benefits of our work won't  be solely financial!   

So today, as you undertake this calling, we are going to help you and the people in your church to rise to your challenge!  More details are below.  Not to money up front for your church!  And, compared to other options, this is a "no calorie initiative" which a lot of people will like!   What do we call all this?  Easy!   It's For My Christian Home!

What Could Be Easier Than Decorative, Faith-Based Keepsakes...Inspirational and Affirming? 

Also, Some All New, "Light And Easy" Uplifting Music For Those "Connectedness" Challenges That We All Face From Time To Time? 

Straightforward, Thoughtful, Attractive and Low Budget Keepsakes Ideal For Many, Many Daily Use and Gifting Situations 

Inspiring Fridge/Cabinet/Car Magnets      "Stained Glass" Keepsakes For Christian Homes

Relaxing and Uplifting "Everyday" Music For Christian Homes!

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