As Children We Know That There's "A Time To Follow"

Be It Short or Long, There's Also "A Time To Lead" For Each Of Us

People will come to this page via a lot of different routes and probably, that's how it was meant to be.  Whether your church has "a lot" or "a little," one thing is for certain- every church has ongoing expenses, consisting of financial needs that are both planned and unplanned.  Our program isn't about addressing all the financial issues that a church may be facing.  But, quite simply, what we are offering today is an all new ability to meet one or more specific financial fashion that is constructively engaging for your members, fun, and almost completely "turn key,"  And, for "the average" church, that's both quite a blessing and a very refreshing change!   

But the real question might be, so why are you on this page?  Well, you're here because someone sees in you perhaps both the desire and the potential ability to "step up" and make something happen...for God.  And maybe, just maybe, you yourself have felt the desire to "stand" instead of just "sit."  And, if that much is true then you're probably really not all that comfortable just being a bystander when there are simple things that just need someone to do them.   

But, what if you've never done anything like this before?  No worries!  We're with you with an all new program that is truly "turn key."  Below, we lay out the simple steps.  And, we'll be with you every step of the way!  Why do we do this you might ask?  Simple....we have a mission too!  Our mission is to help Christians and would-be Christians all around the world to exceed the bonds of current limitations, even the financial ones.    

So let's be real....what financial need does your church have and wish to address?  Let's just get it out in the open so that we can deal with it.  Ask your finance chair, treasurer, deacon, clergy person or whomever has this information.  Next, let's get excited about meeting that need and with God's help.  We won't solve the problem alone!   

We are going to help you and the people in your church to rise to your challenge in a way that really is easy and actually, believe it or not, as you'll see below, not that difficult.  No money up front for your church!  And, compared to other fundraisers, this is a "no calorie initiative" which a lot of people will like!  Maybe the best thing?  If you're starting this program headed into Christmas, quite possibly, the people in and around your church won't be putting out any more cash than they otherwise would.    

What Could Be More Simple Than Inspirational Music and Art Work...Suitable for Celebration, Reflection, and Pure Family Enjoyment?

- Straightforward, Thoughtful, Useful, Attractive and Low Budget Items  For Many Gifting Situations -

Delivered Digitally or on Attractive CDs, Motivating, Inspirational and Religious-Themed Music

- And, At Your Option, Personalize These Items With Your Church Name And Let Your Community Know You're There! -

Just One Of The Possibilities!

Just One Of The Possibilities!

At Last, Some Help Has Arrived!

Running A Church May Have Just Got A Little Bit Easier!

Capital Campaign?      Building Fund?     Restoration Project? 

Church School?              Responding to Community Tragedy? 

   Go Fund Me Page Need Some Help After A Period of Time? 

How About Some Help With Evangelizing and Honest Growth?



Here's The Program...

Our program consists of religiously themed and attractive traditional Christmas music that is offered in both digital and CD formats.  While other albums are pictured on this page, at this time, the program today consists only of the album For The Faithful - At Christmas!, an album that has been professionally reviewed, very well received and accordingly, is already available to the public through the major U.S. retailers shown below.  The album has it's own website that is loaded with sound clips, reviews, background information, etc.  

In short, the song line up consists of almost all of the most popular and "traditional" religious Christmas favorites like Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Oh Holy Night with the bonus additions of Let There Be Peace On Earth and The Lord's Prayer.  See the album's web page for the complete line up and all other desired background information including reviews, artist interviews, etc.

Probably, what's most important to know is that the solo piano, "light" jazz music has a laid back, relaxed and inspirational "Charlie Brown Christmas" feel that is unobjectionable and appeals to almost everyone as background dinner music and music for holiday entertaining and relaxation.   Churches can do very well financially with this offering because it is being made available at less than half of U.S. retail prices!  Wholesale pricing leaves a lot of room for impressive gains.  Worth mentioning is the fact that there is NO FINANCIAL RISK at all.  Just obtain an order count, collect funds and receive merchandise.  There's zero risk of being left with unwanted inventory!

 Here's How Easy It Is To Do...

The people who will participate in your fundraiser will certainly come from your congregation, their families, and the surrounding community.  There is no "high pressure" anything, of any kind!  The message is a simple one and it is something like this simple announcement, email, bulletin insert, letter, or social media mention:

"Mostly everyone is going to buy Christmas presents for Christmas this year.  Our church is undertaking a special fundraiser to help quickly raise needed funds for XYZ which will benefit all members of our church family and the community that we serve.  Probably, all of you already know about this need already.  If not, you know now.  Solving this problem for our church will be easy..... 

We're not asking for any contributions to this fundraiser!  You heard right!  All we're asking (and hoping) is that you will look at the website we have for our fundraiser and if you can, shop first from that site for Christmas.  I think you'll find a nice Christmas surprise or two that carries a nice Christian message and actually would fit very nicely into a variety of gift giving situations.  What I'm talking about is some nice, relaxing traditional music for celebrating this Christmas.  The music that you'll see on the website is available already in major stores and we can get it quite reasonably both digitally and on traditional CDs 

To help make all this even more clear about how this can actually work in terms of our church raising money and your gifting for this year, there's a nice list of ideas on the web page that I'll share with you that shows very nicely how this particular music would fit with peoples lives and the types of activities that we often attend during the holiday season.  Additionally, there are also some maybe very interesting ideas there for our maybe do more for some of the worthy and needy people right here around us in our own the communities.  Over the next couple of weeks, we can certainly talk about those possibilities, if people would like. 

Again, there's no pressure to do this, but, it would help us raise the money that we need without anyone spending any money that they ordinarily would.   Based on some quick calculations, if most of the families in our church would be able to identify the need for only about X items, we would meet our goal and then some.  The website is aptly is  

With God's help, I know that we can do this and I hope and pray that we will.  Over the next several weeks, I'll provide you (maybe in church bulletin, via email list, etc.) with an update on how we're doing..  Of course, I'm available for any questions.  If possible, I'd like to have our final order together by DATE so that we get everything in plenty of time for Christmas  Of course, please feel free to share the web page with your friends and social media people since our church does have many friends who certainly may want to help us, but, may not be in attendance today."

If A New Ministry Is Started From Church Uses Suggestions, What a Victory For All Involved! 

A Quick Final Note

After announcing the fundraiser to your congregation, ideally in multiple ways, the only other thing to do is keep people informed, remind them of what's at stake, let them know how the group is doing compared to goal and, of course, thank them for giving you their support and their order!.  Based on your particular situation and the speed and type of the response that you get back in the ensuing weeks, we're happy to help you with any follow up ideas and the ultimate timing of when to "draw the line," call it a day, and count up the blessings.

May God Bless You For Stepping Up To This Modest Challenge! 

Without People Like You, Churches in America Would Not Even Be Where They Are Today!  So, Thank You Indeed!

Pricing Is Available From Your Development Associate or By Emailing:

- All Payments Should Be Made At The Proper Time To New Friend Entertainment -

* * Note:  Album Professionally Reviewed and Currently Distributed by Barnes and Noble, Fye Records, Target and Apple in the U.S. and Canada


Albums To Be Available For Future Campaigns in Fundraising and Church Development

And In That Day...

And In That Day...

And Then, There's Easter!  Important Messages...Not Just A Fundraiser....

And Then, There's Easter! Important Messages...Not Just A Fundraiser....

Our Digital Download Card....Credit Card Sized and Carries Album Artwork.  Download Album to Phone or Device

Our Digital Download Card....Credit Card Sized and Carries Album Artwork. Download Album to Phone or Device

Coming With Clouds!

Coming With Clouds!

Not To Be Served, But To Serve

Not To Be Served, But To Serve

In Weakness, I am Strong

In Weakness, I am Strong

Just Him - Just Me

Just Him - Just Me

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